Why should you book a luxury villa instead of a hotel? | Unbeatable Sri Lanka Villas offers opulent pleasures

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Why should you book a luxury villa instead of a hotel? | Unbeatable Sri Lanka Villas offers opulent pleasures,

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The current 5-star holiday is all about privacy, luxury, and wellness, and where a five-star hotel was formerly sought after, the modern tourist now seeks the subconscious delight of a stay in a private villa.
Villas in Sri Lanka not only provide the pleasures of luxuriating in the exotic settings of the paradise island, but they are also well-equipped to cater to the modern visitor seeking not only sun, sand, and surf, but also opulent comforts such as those provided by Luxury Collection Sri Lanka. Let us the Sri Lanka villa specialists explain why our luxury villas on this teardrop country are preferred over a hotel.

FOR PRIVACY - Consider a Luxury Villa Rather Than a Hotel

Luxury villas in Sri Lanka provide a level of privacy that even the most lavish hotels cannot match. Guests who rent one of our villas in Sri Lanka not only get the entire property to themselves, but they also get to experience the peace and tranquility that comes with each of our meticulously designed villas.

RATES - Holiday Villa Rates are Very Appealing Compared to Hotels

The majority of people looking for a luxurious vacation believe that hotels provide the greatest deals. However, when you examine the cost of a complete villa that can accommodate a group of people or even two, you'll realize that you're getting unbeatable value for money, solitude, and a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy.

VIEWS - The sceneries are breathtaking

VIEWS - The sceneries are breathtaking, The Surfer - The best surfing and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka and South Asia.

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A stay at a sunny villa is the best way to appreciate the exotic beauty of Sri Lanka. Though you are up on the hills or on the golden sandy shores it cannot beat anything. If you look at our selection of villas in Sri Lanka, you'll be spoiled for choice. Swaying coconut trees and bursts of wildflowers, a private pool shaded by the sunniest of sky, and salty ocean breezes remind you that the beach is just a breath away, misty mornings with sun rising beyond the pool and giving you the views of the mountain range as well.
Is there anything else we can say? As you can see, staying in a luxury villa in Sri Lanka is not only luxurious, but also offers solitude and all the comforts of home, call one of our Sri lanka villa specialists immediately to start planning your exotic trip!

LOCATION – There Are Many Advantages

Large hotels necessitate a lot of space and convenient access. The villa benefit puts you in in the middle of people' homes, temples, and everyday life. Children will be brought to and returned from school right outside your front gate. Women will pick flowers along the roadside and transport them to the temple in tiny baskets. Along with peacocks, dogs and monkeys bark. Squirrels and birds play games and sing to wake you up.

You become friends with the shopkeepers in the neighborhood. For a day trip, buy your favorite pineapple, sour sop, passion fruit, and/or banana. Your day will begin with the sound of sweeping, dubbed "the National Job" in the area. Sweeping leaves is done on a daily basis, whether by gardeners, shopkeepers, or the house next door.
Perhaps you went backpacking in Asia in your twenties and have been working for the past three decades. You decide to go back and see what has changed in the old areas you visited in Sri Lanka. Someone brings up Sri Lanka, which you hadn't considered before. The Sri Lankan smile is used to greet visitors.
Your villa experience allows you to immerse yourself in a colonial lifestyle that has been largely forgotten in other areas of the world. Dilmah's famed tea is made using old machinery in Sri Lanka. Liptons may be owned by a foreign company, but the plantations and factories are run by locals. Your villa, nestled amongst steep hillside plantations, serves as a time machine. It's one of Sri Lanka's secrets of lulling visitors to sleep.
Beachfront villas in Sri Lanka allow you to enjoy the pleasures of the sun without having to leave your home. You may prefer to recline in an infinity pool above the beach sands of your personal beach, or you may wish to overlook the beach from a spot just a few hundred meters away in a beautiful, exclusive and luxurious villa just cannot compete with a vast hotel footprint.

FOOD - Enjoy a Meal Prepared by Your Own Personal Chef

FOOD - Enjoy a Meal Prepared by Your Own Personal Chef, The Surfer - The best surfing and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka and South Asia.

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Some people are obsessed with traveling through their taste buds. Whether you're a foodie or not, there's something special about savoring home cuisine in a tropical locations. The advantage of staying in a villa is that the staff rapidly learns what you like and when you want it. Traditional pancakes for breakfast, a fusion with roti for lunch, or fresh shakes are all possible favorites.
Sri Lanka will become your second home if you enjoy your food hot and spicy. Chili, black and white pepper, and a variety of other spices are used in its curries. For Sri Lankan villa cooks who have been cooking since childhood, vegetarian options are simple. Many travelers consider Sri Lanka as a must-visit due to the amount of fresh seafood they can get and also the way they are cooked. However, this is your home away home.

EVERYTHING IS PERSONALIZED - Have complete control over every element of your tropical vacation

EVERYTHING IS PERSONALIZED - Have complete control over every element of your tropical vacation, The Surfer - The best surfing and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka and South Asia.

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You'll never have to enter the kitchen, regardless of what's on your own menu. Meals are served, and dishes are quietly removed and washed. You eat to your heart's content but don't have to clean up — all in the comfort of your own tropical luxury villa in Sri Lanka.
The tropics have an advantage in terms of vegetation over cooler areas. Things just keep on growing! You don't have to do much to get them to grow; they grow 20 cm in one night. Tropic flowers are lush, plentiful, and come in every color of the rainbow. Water lilies and lotuses float gently in the water, while orchids ornament the trees above.
When compared to their sub-tropical cousins, tropical flowers are enormous. Because of its sheer magnitude, a single red blossom jumps out. Gardens with mass plantings provide a visual feast all year. Exotic species that bloom on a sporadic basis give interest to large gardens.
Many people overlook the vegetation that is the foundation of Ayurvedic treatment. Oils, powders, potions, and poultices are made from fruits, barks, seeds, roots, leaves, and flowers. Every garden has plants, vines, herbs, and spices. The garden of your colonial villa is actually a Sri Lankan medicinal cabinet and food basket. Coconuts are swaying in the breeze. Most gardens have avocados, mangos, star fruit, lovi-lovi, pineapples, sour sop, bananas, and rose apple. Some are there on purpose, while others are there by chance as monkeys, squirrels, and birds drop seed from adjacent forests.
You will certainly miss the greens that appear in your curries, omelettes, and salads if the gardener or villa employees are not escorting you through the botanical splendor. You'll pass cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove trees as you stroll.
The villa advantage allows you to have a vacation that is one of a kind and remarkable in many ways. Booking your villa in Sri Lanka is the beginning of a once in a lifetime experience. Every waking minute is surrounded by tropical luxury. The grandeur of the event engages every sense of the human body. Sri Lanka's sights, sounds, scents, feel, and energy quickly form a cord that binds you not just to the island and its people, but also to the island's heart and soul.
Families will enjoy villas with enclosed walls. During your stay at the villa, the staff will care to your every need. Large social areas and beautiful bedrooms are at the top of the list.
So do not waste time looking for a hotel of the location you want to go just look at one of our stunning villas in Sri Lanka and let our Sri Lanka villa specialists what you need and that’s it. Everything will be done as you have planned or with even more surprises!!!

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