Sri Lanka's Best Beaches - The South Coast Selection | Our picks for the top beaches on Sri Lanka's south coast for 2022

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Sri Lanka's Best Beaches - The South Coast Selection | Our picks for the top beaches on Sri Lanka's south coast for 2022,

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Due to its size, diversified geography, amazing hospitality, and rich cultural past, Sri Lanka is quickly becoming one of Asia's best beach destinations.
With its white and golden sandy palm-fringed beaches, Sri Lanka has long been a popular beach resort. Beaches in Sri Lanka vary greatly depending on where you want to go and when you want to go.


One of the most appealing aspects of a beach vacation in Sri Lanka is that pleasant weather and beautiful beaches are available all year. In truth, Sri Lanka has two monsoons, one on either side of the island, that strike the country at various periods of the year.
If you visit between December and April, the best beach conditions will be on the island's west and south beaches, while the country's east coast will be undergoing its monsoon season. If you're traveling between June and October, we recommend visiting any of the East Coast's magnificent white beaches, since the weather and sea conditions will be at their optimum.
Beaches on the west coast include Negombo, Bentota, and Hikkaduwa.
Between July and November, the West Coast suffers heavy monsoons. The months of December to April are the finest for visiting the region, with sunny, clear days and little rain.
Unawatuna, Tangalle, Dikwella, Galle, Weligama, and Mirissa are some of the beaches on the south coast.
The busiest holiday season is between December and May, with the Yala Monsoon hitting the region from June to October. Even during the rainy season, the Western Monsoon has a lesser impact on the South Coast (especially in Dikwella and Tangalle). Rainfall decreases substantially in August, making it possible to enjoy a beach vacation throughout the monsoon season. During the off season, however, winds and waves are often heavier, especially in the afternoons.


The beaches of Arugam Bay, Uppuveli & Nilaveli, and Passikudah & Kalkudah are all worth visiting.
Between the months of April and September is the finest time to visit Sri Lanka's East Coast. The rainy season begins in November and lasts until the end of February. March through October are known as "intermonsoon" or "shoulder" months because they have a risk of rain in the evenings.


Some well-known beaches and some lesser-known locations are included in our 2022 list. We hand-picked the lesser-known locations and personally visited each of them. This is a list of our top five beaches on Sri Lanka's south coast.


MIRISSA, The Surfer - The best surfing and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka and South Asia.

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Mirissa Beach is a popular surfing spot. It is a very wide beach that is bordered by beautiful green flora. Mirissa is the greatest starting place for whale watching trips, luxury catamaran excursions, and sailing holidays along Sri Lanka's south coast from December to April. As blue and sperm whales make their migratory trips around the coast of Sri Lanka, Mirissa is one of the best sites in the world to go whale watching.
Today, the beach is a highly popular vacation spot. As a result, it is no longer a secret retreat as it was ten years ago. It does, however, preserve its lovely atmosphere and ambiance, with some seaside eateries and a vibrant nightlife, especially on weekends. On Mirissa Beach, there are many inexpensive guest rooms and small motels.
You can also rent a luxury villa a few minutes away from the main beach, such as
Stella Beach Villa, Stella House, Beacon By The Bay, Siri Wedamedura and The Nine. For a list of villas close to Mirissa have a look at here!


, The Surfer - The best surfing and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka and South Asia.

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Weligama Bay, located in a tranquil bay halfway between Mirissa and Galle, is well known for its stilt fisherman: stilt fishing is a traditional fishing practice used by fishermen along the Southern Coast, and it is particularly noticeable at Weligama. Anglers now come to get their photographs taken by tourists. They even rent their stilts to travelers in exchange for money or presents so they can sample the system for themselves. Weligama is also a great place to go surfing because it is protected by a shallow coral reef.
From guest cottages to multi-star hotels, Weligama beach offers a diverse range of accommodations.
Villas in Weligama are also available from small to big and whatever it is they are stunning. Have a look at here!


BEACH OF HABARADUWA (GALLE), The Surfer - The best surfing and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka and South Asia.

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NULLHabaraduwa Beach is a beautiful two-mile-long beach around 12 kilometers from Galle Fort. It is perfect for families with children because the waters are tranquil during the winter months of December to April.
This beach also has some beautiful beach villas, making it an ideal spot for Sri Lankan villa vacations. Some of the villas on this beach are perfect for families and there are some even good for weddings in Sri Lanka as well. To get a good idea of them all have a look here!


Dikwella is most known for its long sandy beach, which is protected by headlands and reefs and is therefore safe to swim in from the months of December to April. Hiriketiya Beach is a surfer's paradise located about 2 kilometers from Dikwella Beach.
Beginner and advanced surfers alike will enjoy the waves in this peaceful bay. There are also surfboard rental shops, cafes, and guesthouses on the beach.
There are some gorgeous Villas close to Hiriketiya Beach and to get an idea have a look at here!


BEACH OF TALALLA , The Surfer - The best surfing and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka and South Asia.

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This beautiful beach is nestled in a tranquil inlet between the villages of Matara and Dikwella. It's also on our top list of greatest beaches on Sri Lanka's south coast for 2019. Talalla Beach boasts calm waves, beautiful vistas, and a serene, natural setting.
Near Talalla Beach, there are some lovely guest rooms, eco resorts, and a few good villas. The luxurious 6-bedroom Villa K House is right on this beach and also the 7 bedroom villa Casa Talalla is also this lovely beach. All of them have the best views of this stunning bay.
This is just an idea of what are the best beaches and some villas close to them. Have a look through all and hope you will be able to get your head around to choose one for your beach villa holiday in Sri Lanka. Get in touch with one of our villa specialists via as they might be able to help you to navigate through the list and find you the best option. Happy holidays!!!

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